Built With Jekyll

17 Jul 2014

#code #html #css

andrewking(me) is hosted from Jekyll source on GitHub Pages.

Summary of GitHub Pull Requests, Issues Opened, and Commits


Resources: Jekyll, GitHub Pages, kramdown, Sass, Pygments, Simple Grid, Google Fonts
Software: Adobe Brackets, GitHub for Mac, Pixelmator

YAML Front Matter and Markdown source of this page:

layout: article
title: "Built With Jekyll"
date: 2014-07-17 06:57:00
cover: /work/img/Built-With-Jekyll-Cover.png
collection: work
  - all
  - code
  - html
  - css

andrewking(me) is hosted from [Jekyll](https://jekyllrb.com) source on [GitHub Pages](https://pages.github.com).


{% include image.html image="Built-With-Jekyll-001.png" caption="Summary of GitHub Pull Requests, Issues Opened, and Commits" %}

Resources: [Jekyll](https://jekyllrb.com), [GitHub Pages](https://pages.github.com), [kramdown](https://kramdown.gettalong.org), [Sass](https://sass-lang.com), [Pygments](http://pygments.org), [Simple Grid](https://thisisdallas.github.io/Simple-Grid/), [Google Fonts](https://fonts.google.com)<br>
Software: [Adobe Brackets](http://brackets.io), [GitHub for Mac](https://desktop.github.com/), [Pixelmator](http://www.pixelmator.com)

article.html _layout for Jekyll build:

<!doctype html>
{% include license.html %}
{% include head.html %}
  {% include header.html %}

    <div class="grid grid-pad">
      <div class="col-4-12">
        <span class="title">{{ page.title }}</span>
        {% if page.date %}
          <p>{{ page.date | date_to_string }}</p>
        {% endif %}
        {% if page.tags %}
            {% for tag in page.tags %}
              {% if tag != "all" %}
                <a href="/{{ page.collection }}/tag/{{ tag | output }}/">#{{ tag | output }}</a>
              {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}
        {% endif %}
      <div class="col-8-12">
        {{ content }}
        {% include article_signoff.html %}


Browse the source code at https://github.com/andrewkingme/andrewkingme.github.io.

/AK at 06:57 UTC